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NetApp VR

Visual development for NetApp VR application.


NetApp VR

NetApp, Inc. is a hybrid cloud data services and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

They wanted to create an engaging VR experience to communicate their features to their clients.

We were contacted by Nathan Leland at Inhance Digital to help with the visual development of the application.


NetApp VR is set on a miniature island where the player has an overview of his growing business and surrounding area. The player must help its business to expand and face the challenges by interacting with the environment and playing a series of minigames. He must solve puzzles, throw data at the clouds and shoot with lasers, in an attempt to modernize the components of his cloud data services. The application was developed in Unity for HTC Vive.


The city and the surrounding environment is at the center of the experience so we carefully crafted it to hold all the detail and emphasize the information transmitted to the player.

Initial sketch received from client.

Initial sketch received from client.


Visual communication is an integral part of the experience and we worked closely with the Inhance team to bring their ideas to life through captivating graphics. This included 3D modeling, environment design, lighting, particle effects and animations.




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